May 052007

最近cvsup时发现ports没有更新,正纳闷着呢,到maillist瞅了两眼发现为了将Xorg ports升级至7.2,Ports tree目前已经被冻结了。以下是原信件:

Hi all,

After many months of hard work (mostly by flz , as well as others) we
are approaching readiness of the xorg 7.2 upgrade. Because this is a
huge and disruptive change, we’re going to approach it very carefully.
The current plan is the following:

1) Tag ports with PRE_XORG_7 and freeze the ports tree. This will
give a stable base from which to prepare the final patchset in the
secondary git repository that has been used for xorg integration.
This will probably happen in the next day or two; sorry for the short
notice but I don’t want to artificially delay any longer (this has
already been delayed for months by other reasons).

2) Final prep work in git repository. We need a day or two to confirm
the upgrade method for users. Unfortunately testing has exposed a
critical deficiency in portupgrade so ‘portupgrade -a’ will not be
enough to give a working upgrade, and some pre-upgrade steps will be
required. Also a post-upgrade step is required to deal with merging
remaining files from /usr/X11R6 into /usr/local.

3) Once the proposed upgrade method is in place, we will publish a
tarball of the prepared ports tree and request that *all* our ports
developers test the upgrade on their own machines before it is
committed to CVS. There are many things that can go wrong and we need
to make sure that the upgrade goes as smoothly as possible for our
less technical users. In particular all ports committers are expected
to participate in this process of eating our own dogfood :)

4) Once a suitable number of success reports (e.g. 50) are received
and all reported issues are resolved, we’ll proceed with importing
into CVS.

5) CVS will stay frozen for a period to be evaluated (probably another
couple of weeks) to deal with the inevitable remaining fallout as
users encounter yet more problems with the upgrade.

Thanks for your support, and get ready for xorg 7.2!


貌似在5月3日开始的。看来很快就可以升级至Xorg 7.2了。最期待的一个功能恐怕是内嵌的Compsition吧。终于可以正式在FreeBSD跑Aiglx了。


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