Apr 292007



  • “I’ve been in the computer business for over 30 years and have concluded that there are only three reasons to work more than 40 hours a week on a regular basis. One – you are incompetent. Two – your management is incompetent. Three – you have no ability to socialize with others. I.e. No life.” – By Alfred Thompson。我在电脑行业做了三十多年,以我看,每周超过四十小时工作当作家常便饭就三个原因:1.你能力有限。2.你老板能力有限。3.你缺乏社交能力,或者说,没有生活。
  • Number two seems to be the most common though. – By Alfred Thompson。通常,以第二个原因居多。(上面的老师接着说)
  • 这3个原因可谓经典

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